JMB Preservation Advisors

JMB Preservation Advisors provides technical support for housing and community development initiatives of municipalities and developers in all aspects of the affordable housing industry.

droppedImageThe assistance includes providing services to states, counties, and cities working in disaster recovery efforts nationwide.  We also work with non-profit and for-profit developers looking to acquire residential properties and extend their use as quality affordable housing using Low Income Housing Tax Credits and other affordable housing preservation incentives.  Disaster recovery, Neighborhood Stabilization Program, community development, affordable rental housing preservation, and green energy improvements are key areas of focus of the consulting practice.



JMB Preservation Advisors has experience in all aspects of the community development business, including structuring the key resources you need to successfully provide affordable housing solutions. The experience includes extensive work in Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funded initiatives, including hurricane recovery and Neighborhood Stabilization Program funded efforts.  The principal has negotiated the terms of tax exempt and conventional debt, short term and long term equity investments for Low Income Housing Tax Credits, structured secondary financing products for public entities administering Community Development Block Grant programs, and designed and managed state and local Housing Finance Agency initiatives.